The James Charles Controversy Being Swept Under The Rug Is Strange and Troubling, GOT Finale, & More

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  • And we have moved from threats of physical violence to emotional ones! Here are the timecodes: Billionaire Pledges to Pay Student Loan Debt (0:33), GoT Finale without Spoilers (4:29), TIA (6:00), Beauty VN-visionrs Work to End Their Feud (7:40)

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco26 ngày trước
    • I've said it before, but as a mother who funded her son's college degree with FAFSA loans in a desperate attempt to ensure he wasn't a financial burden on society, the college debt scam is an even bigger problem than the mortgage scam where Wall Street bet against people paying their mortgages to make millions of dollars. When he graduated, his FAFSA loans totaled $68,000. They are now over $300,00. As a disabled SSDI mother I've been paying every month against these loans which they say I can no longer extend unless I refinance the loans at a HIGHER percentage rate. I could submit forms to have the loans dismissed as a disabled person, but when I filled out the paperwork I found there are no doctors who will sign these papers. Apparently those who have instantly had the government giving them a financial colonoscopy. My currently monthly payment is way over my entire income for the month. The Perkins and Stafford loans my son took out - he's paying over $600 a month on those. I'm grateful that my son received his college degree, but am wondering just exactly what's going to happen as these loans astronomically continue to climb higher.

      Cassie BanksCassie Banks23 ngày trước
    • Damn It!!!!!!! I really, really wanted that stuff about James to be true!!

      Kimberly BallKimberly Ball24 ngày trước
    • Omg!!! I constantly complain that I've got student debt and no degree!!! I thought I was all alone out there 😉🤗

      Kimberly BallKimberly Ball24 ngày trước
    • Crazy how the drama between Makeup/Social Tubers that seems like it's taken from a day time soap, is reported over more substantial news like the wild fires in North West Canada. It's only spring yet there are devastating, out of control fires that are displacing many people and communities and no one is talking about it

      Bob SweetBob Sweet24 ngày trước
    • The Star/Charles drama is little more then sad special-snowflaking. Pathetic drama for pathetic people. Losers will loser..

      TheCaptainTheCaptain24 ngày trước
  • People disliked this video because theuy want that text

    Hudson HawsHudson HawsNgày trước
  • Tati: James Charles is a manipulative freak! James: Actually :) Jeffree: He’s still lying, shut yo ass up I got receipts! James: :):):) Jeffree: Jeffree: Jeffree: I have to apologize guys

    Fukui HisokaFukui Hisoka2 ngày trước
  • That blonde guy is terrifying. Reminds me of Marilyn Manson.

    GaryGary3 ngày trước
  • The beauty drama is just that. Most people in that scene, not all, are pretty dramatic and act on feelings. I feel like it is what brings them people and keeps people and even turns people away from them. It is just what some people like and is very disappointing to know basically a cat fight that even around 10 years ago wouldn't have made headline news has become a strong point of our culture. This should have been a conversation held privately but in the end was blown out of proportion like a popular crowds infighting in High school. There are times when people being in a spot light where they get to manage their own content post something that is untrue like sending an emotional text or making a emotional phone call before you have all the facts. Too much attention is sometimes given to these scenarios, if there was something serious in the beginning, I feel like there would be Lawyers involved.

    Victoria HauckVictoria Hauck7 ngày trước
  • *HATE DOESN'T COVER IT* Foa the queen dying in rubble?? *HORRIBLE!* Arya was in that spot like 2 min beforehand! And if Jon *had listened* to Daenerys and not told his selfish sister who he really was, then she wouldn't have talked him into killing her. *That part made me cry watching her baby cry out and carry her away.* But where did she go is what I'm wondering. Everyone is always buried, burned, whatever, yet the next scene is them tryin to choose a King. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 *SO LAME* As tons of others said, we legit got robbed. They coulda done *SO* many more episodes and ended it differently.

    Baby DragonBaby Dragon8 ngày trước
  • I am not a fan of how GOT ended but I may have been ok with it if they hadn't rushed it so much.

    Renae WeberRenae Weber8 ngày trước
  • The debt forgiveness story 😱😭😱😭😱❤

    Tracy OsimowiczTracy Osimowicz9 ngày trước
  • that emotional threat really hit home, bro 👊🏼

    evanchiladasevanchiladas9 ngày trước
  • Wow how fantastic that Mr. Smith paid for their debt!! He seriously is what we should all aim for! We need to aim for the stars because once you succeed you can help others do the same! Wow this seriously touched my heart. Thank you for highlighting this fantastic piece of humanity. This is the news we need!

    Butter Believe itButter Believe it10 ngày trước
  • I agree about the conclusion feeling off. I bet it was lawyers and grounds to sue since there were SO many followers lost. It fizzled out so strangely

    Zeta X.Zeta X.10 ngày trước
  • The ADHD hand motions (that are so overdramatized )are distracting from everything that he’s saying.

    Sara SaraSara Sara11 ngày trước
  • I never told my family this but I actually skipped schooling because of the loans... Impacted by all those around me who always talked about their loans and how lucky I was that I didn't have them.

    JamieJayJamieJay12 ngày trước
  • The Game of Thrones finale is a turd in your ice cream after the best meal you ever had - Angry Joe

    David DobarganesDavid Dobarganes12 ngày trước
  • Student loans in the UK are so different. I’ve been out of university for three years and I’ve only paid back £15 but I don’t receive any angry letters. I think it’s only when you make £20,000 per year do you have to start paying it back and it comes automatically out of your paycheque like £5 a month? Also, if that is too much for you, you can call them up and ask them for it to be a lower monthly payment.. and it’s no problem. I’m in 40,000 worth of debt from student loans but I know I’ll never have to pay that back fully or be in trouble for it. If I live out of England for 5 years, or I don’t pay back the loans within 20 years (I’m pretty sure its 20 but if it might be slightly longer) the government absorbs the loans and they are gone!

    Rebecca LyttleRebecca Lyttle12 ngày trước
  • When the fans act deaf and blind to the actions of a sexual predator clown whose “profession” is vanity then there’s no shock here on why nothing happened to him. Oh yeah and he’s, white. Bet any dark predator would be pursued by the law. Same reason why Jeffrey Star even wrote a song about liking straight BOYS with blood stains on their undies and is still making money off it. 🐸🍵 All three are trash.

    Hue JazzHue Jazz12 ngày trước
  • That whole thing is just a giant shitshow, everyone involved seems like a bunch of shallow assholes and in the end James actually ended up looking like the the least bad person.

    Tobias ZauzigTobias Zauzig13 ngày trước
  • James got a lawyer.

  • The scariest part of the whole James Charles drama is that Tati didn't need ANY proof or evidence whatsoever to cause all this drama. She straight up mauled his career half to death on her own status as someone who "wouldn't lie about that", no screenshots or proof required

    Ellie WhiteEllie White13 ngày trước
  • Imho the season was too short we didn't get to see the characters develop. So many things remained untouched. Maybe the next season we find out why a 33 and 37 year old dragged a 19 year old James Charles like that

    ForgetMeNotForgetMeNot14 ngày trước
  • Shoot for the stars. Start with Jeffree

    ForgetMeNotForgetMeNot14 ngày trước
  • Damn that threat really kinda hurt lmao

    TaishaTaisha14 ngày trước
  • They could have had 10 episodes, that is the part that frustrates me.

    KamelotKamelot15 ngày trước
  • This generation is a mess, and it’s partially because of “influencers” like the ones in the beauty community. I honestly don’t care who is telling the truth or not. It’s just immature BS. Just telling it like it is. Social media is soul sucking.

    Benjamin BohannonBenjamin Bohannon15 ngày trước
  • Jeffree star is dangerous to society, he’s so aggressive.. fame, power and money making him worse. He need a backlash

    Aimee VAimee V15 ngày trước
  • Or you just keep them in deferment and forbearance till they or forgiven at 20 years.

    DoeEyedFaunDoeEyedFaun15 ngày trước
  • here's an idea - don't post anything by faze banks. I'm embarrassed I even typed that trash name out, he's the worst of them all after what he did in Ohio

    Andrew ClausingAndrew Clausing15 ngày trước
  • If there's anything I took away from the jc drama, it's that I now have a youtube feed absolutely clean of beauty gurus. I'm not okay with the way the accusations were dealt with and the fact that, like Phil said, they were so serious to begin with. They're all adults, even though James is only 19, they're still clearly all adults and this was dealt with like middle school drama. I lost a lot of respect for all parties involved and decided I don't want to support that kind of behavior and content anymore so I got rid of it as much as possible from my feed and hopefully it stays that way. There's other content out there for me to watch.

    Vick 威威Vick 威威15 ngày trước
  • brightburn was super fucked up

    Brian DriscollBrian Driscoll15 ngày trước
  • Can I have a chef please

    wahab.omarwahab.omar15 ngày trước
  • The whole situation with these grown adults being able to completely drag this kid through hell and back and then say “sorry not sorry taking a break love and light” BS is CRAZY. We all clearly see there was slander and malice and it is so insane that people like that can continue to be on YT with such large platforms and influence when they have shown such terrible character. YT needs to rewrite its terms contacts and take down the dictators who think they run the show.... But is it really about the good of the kids watching or would they never pull the plug on such large viewership numbers? Maybe YT or managers involved are the biggest reason it’s all swept under the rug

    ThedirtygardenhoeThedirtygardenhoe15 ngày trước
  • Elle Loves Tea has one of the best and most in-depth videos I have seen regarding James’s lies and manipulation of this whole situation.

    Danielle BaileyDanielle Bailey15 ngày trước
    • I saw both, she's as manipulative as it gets that one. She sounds full of herself, she jumped to the Jame-hate-wagon like others, but realizing that she got caught, she made a second video - Wow! If you want to see real dishonesty, watch that second video. No wonder the account is not showing a real person, she must be afraid, people will read her body language.

      Magondovious ZubaMagondovious Zuba15 ngày trước
  • Many of use watch VN-vision on tv where we can't (at least i can't) thumbs up. It sucks. But i went to my macbook to thumbs up for you beautiful bastard. Carry on kind sir.

    AbbyAbby16 ngày trước
  • I know I’m alittle late on a comment but...I do think it’s a little odd that they would accuse James of such a serious crime then sweep it under the rug. They both say they have receipts to prove these criminal behaviors but that they are gonna hang onto them and not spread more drama. Ummm...that’s a crime...a felony. Your an accessory. If you see a crime being committed and have proof that you choose to hang onto, you are committing a crime and can face jail time. If they lied about James being a predator then they are still committing a crime...that’s called defamation. Either way their criminals.

    hotaru3410hotaru341016 ngày trước
  • Is it just me or does he look like a younger version of the guy off of Jeopardy

    You Cant Lotor MeYou Cant Lotor Me17 ngày trước
  • In regards to the whole James/Tati/Jeffree situation: I unsubscribed from everyone. I’m like... a real person with real issues and I don’t have time for that bullshit lmao

    Bella MurrayBella Murray17 ngày trước
  • The year of comebacks and canceling cancelation.

    JayJay17 ngày trước
  • There's plenty to like and plenty to dislike about the GoT finale, but in my opinion the reason why I felt it wasn't that great is that it just didn't feel like Game of Thrones. It didn't have that original charm that the series had when it first started, it had this "energy" to it that made it so enjoyable; mixing humor, drama, shock value, thrill and a lot of nudity into this awesome pile of a show. The last season (and the last couple episodes specifically) had completely lost that touch. You could argue by saying that since it's the finale and so many characters are dead there isn't as many things to focus on in the show except the main plotline with the Iron Throne. But even so with only one main story and no sidestories it could still have been done much better. It felt a little like they attempted to go all-out on shock value without thinking about the logic and consequences of it. With the rest of the episodes being spent with just characters standing around looking gloomy and talking to one another, or in just darkness. The characters themselves didn't even really act like themselves. Hell, even the sex scenes felt forced and unnatural. I dunno, I didn't hate it necessarily. It was just anticlimactic and disappointing. (But let's be real. Signing a petition for them to remake a season of a multimillion-dollar tv-show won't do shit guys, it ain't happening, lol.)

    LividCreativityLividCreativity17 ngày trước
  • these people look like monsters!

    toedrictoedric17 ngày trước
  • That’s why I opted out of college. For the most part it’s a fucking scam.

    jarhead21100jarhead2110017 ngày trước
  • I mean at this point I'm not sure if I can go on living if I don't receive my daily threat from Phil, its too narcotic

    ForeverDuskForeverDusk18 ngày trước
  • I loved the finale and where it ended, but the delivery and journey there was a POS, CHEAP and HORRIBLY written.

    Alexandra AAlexandra A18 ngày trước
  • Soup ye bootyfool basterds!

    green creógreen creó18 ngày trước
  • Honestly, I don't think ever I really trusted anything any of the "influencers" in the beauty community said. I take most of the accusations with a grain of salt because they almost always turn out to be much more muddled, unsubstantiated or just plain untrue. It's always just a ploy. Now I may just be very cynical, but getting heated about these situations just never seem helpful and a waste of my emotional energy.

    luvami12luvami1218 ngày trước
  • Damn, that emotional threat was HARSH!

    Samantha BerkemeierSamantha Berkemeier18 ngày trước
  • Student loans in America are absolutely disgusting. I am almost finished with my bachelors here in Germany. I have ZERO debt because my uni costs were 700€ a year ;)

    Macy GurdenMacy Gurden18 ngày trước
  • For GoT, I think Andy Richter put it best- Conan: "People are such babies!" Andy: "It's like you stayed at someone's house and they cooked you delicious food the entire week. And the last night they decide to order pizza. And you're like 'FUCK YOU!!!!'"

    JustinPaytonJustinPayton18 ngày trước
  • You know how someone's voice, affect, physical presence and existence in the universe just annoys the living f**k out of you, even beyond any rational understanding of why? That's exactly how I feel about Philip DeFranco. I had to comment and finally get this off my chest. I've never watched more than a few seconds of him because I become physically overwrought with tension. I'm not obsessive about him. He doesn't exist to me if I don't see him or hear his voice. To me, he exudes the embodiment of the annoying politician, used car salesman, televangelist, pretentious, a*hole that overdramatizes EVERY, SINGLE one of his annoying facial expressions. And now he's going to pop up in my suggested for 3 weeks. Yay, me! No hate, just absolutely cannot with him. I would exist in a different time/space continuum than Philip Defranco if I could. Sorry, Philly boy. I wish, in VN-visionland, one of us was just a brief glitch in the matrix. ;)

    Josie JJosie J18 ngày trước
  • The poorest being forced to come together collectively to help provide debt-free education is a wonderful advertisement for us ultra-leftists. Thank you America.

    Chairman MeowChairman Meow18 ngày trước
  • I unsubscribed from all 3 of them cuz this whole thing was so garbo

    예린Yerin예린Yerin18 ngày trước
  • Shout out to the more house graduates. May you all be Jeff bezos

    Sierra GreshamSierra Gresham19 ngày trước
  • Dramagueddon 2 is so weird man

    Carla de SouzaCarla de Souza19 ngày trước
  • #1 - James is 100% aware of the fact that "being a celebrity" *DOES* give him extra perks of having more access to "straight" guys (because they're enamored with his *MONEY* and *FAME* ). # 2 - There are *THOUSANDS* of gay men who would *LOVE* to be involved with JC. Yet, he ignores them. Hmmm.... interesting. (That alone speaks volumes!) The bottom line is that JC intentionally goes after very, very (HIS words - not mine) straight guys. He thought Sam (the busser) was "very, very straight". He did it ON PURPOSE. (Also note, Sam didn't contact JC *UNTIL* his sister told him that JC was famous. Case in point.) He's also pursued *OTHER* straight guys... and when it doesn't work out... JC acts all butt hurt that he was "manipulated". Dude, there are *TONS* of attractive gay guys out there. Those men probably DM him on a regular basis - yet he doesn't pursue any of those relationships. He wastes his time going after Gage for five months - then cries over it when Gage realizes he's not gay. (Shocker.) JC has *NO EXCUSE* for not pursuing openly gay, attractive men (not that I think being "attractive" is necessary - it's just what JC prefers). *THAT'S* the point Tati was making. And JC was 100% using his celebrity status as a way to lure those guys into a "relationship" with him (or "bi-curious" men - who, surprise, realized they weren't bi after all). He knew having the perks of a celebrity would peak the interest in these men. Period. He can't play dumb about that. (Not that I'm condoning these guys' behavior for seeking out the perks of being around rich or famous people. But, it happens. Male or female.) JC knows that it *DOES* matter to people. And, he used that as way to entice other guys to interact with him (whereas if he was a "nobody" and not rich, they wouldn't have bothered DMing JC in the first place). Those are the *REAL* issues. Do I think JC will stop "flirting" with straight guys?? *HELL NO* !! He could simply DM someone & ask if they're gay... *THEN* lay on the compliments. He doesn't do that. And, I don't believe he's truly changed. Because his excuse will always be "oh, I didn't know they weren't gay". Except for the simple fact that *HE COULD ASK FIRST* !! After which point, he could ask for their number and give them compliments... So simple really. He has no excuse.

    Carrie GCarrie G19 ngày trước
  • Look at Tati and Jeffree backpeddling!!! Look at them!! Apologizing!! "if I could take it back I would" wahh wahh, wow what a bunch of bitches. People love to think that gay men are predators, that's the only reason people dogpiled so hard! Holy shit how much money did Tati make between her first video and this last apology!? Trash.

    Jessica JeansonJessica Jeanson19 ngày trước
  • I got off on that intro..

  • I hated it because everything before it was pointless. Dany being about freeing people and letting them live in a good and just world? Nope. Arya's ability to use people's faces? Useless. Brienne losing her virginity, only for him to immediately go die with Cersei? The whole thing was a hot mess. Everyone's story arc ended up being completely pointless. What an 8 year waste of my life.

    katkat20 ngày trước
  • Jeffree Star HAS receipts, he got a Cease & Desist order as I'm sure Tati & James W did, or so we in the beauty guru & BG drama channels think. (Watch Spill channel doing a very unbiased 4 pt series on this, researched very well.) After watching so many videos on this, I am still with Tati. Faze Banks is off his nut, he really thinks a mess of ppl suddenly bought Halo vites out of sympathy for Tati? That guy has never been straight up, I mean the Jake Paul (gag) accusations against him and Imma gonna sue JP, talk about swept under the rug! There will be more on the JC drama, but along w/the Sisters Tour being cancelled, likely so that James can collect the insurance money, it will come out oh so slooowly. This story aint over til it's over. Thx Philip!

    psychicoutlaw Chanelpsychicoutlaw Chanel20 ngày trước
  • THE DOLAN TWINS are living PROOF James Charles is a sexual HARRASSER at the least if not a true predator. The way he made them Uncomfortable ON VIDEO is disgusting

    Brilliant NightsBrilliant Nights20 ngày trước

    Loren HolmesLoren Holmes20 ngày trước
  • Scott’s tots

    8Forrest8Gump88Forrest8Gump820 ngày trước
  • Pedophile accusations and expose video-apology video-expose video-apology video-threatens to drop expose video-actually drops apology video. What the is wrong with these people.

  • This whole James Charles thing sounds contrived from the beginning. It reminds me of the fake rivalries between rappers back in the day where they would get their respective fans whipped up into a mob mentality causing people to be out for blood over who was a fan of which rapper.

    Kajun TuiteKajun Tuite21 ngày trước
  • Sounds like JCharles has the best lawyer

    Nancie NordwickNancie Nordwick21 ngày trước
  • My take on the whole thing is that Tati is a middle aged woman who dragged a kid because she had a tantrum. She's gained a bunch of subs, made a fortune from her vitamins and is a utterly manipulative bitch who fooled a lot of people, included YOU Mr de Franco I saw through her from the beginning and told her so in the comments. She's ugh.

    Lane CrescentLane Crescent21 ngày trước
  • What if this whole drama was a stunt?? I wouldn't put it past them lmao they're all snakes 🐍

    Cosmic CentaurCosmic Centaur21 ngày trước
  • Oof I need a daddy like that Robert guy 😩😩🥵💦 imagine not worrying about money 24/7

    Cosmic CentaurCosmic Centaur21 ngày trước
  • Like you, I am sceptical and confused by the whole Tati, Charles & Jefree kerfluffle. It's sort of looking at a train wreck but ultimately, it's a tempest in a teapot. How does this affect my life? None.

    E schaeferE schaefer21 ngày trước
  • James Charles, Jeffery Star, Tati whatever, Dont CARE about this shit. Side note: straight up publicity stun, drama queen bullshit. How does this get 10 mins of coverage on a news show?

    Levi HowellLevi Howell21 ngày trước
  • Jesus christ, Phil. #ColdBlooded hahahaha #intro

    BexulationBexulation21 ngày trước
  • I didn't mind the ending of Game of Thrones too much; I minded how they got there. Dany's madness seemed like an afterthought, Emilia Clark did a great job with the material she was given, but it was rushed with only foreshadowing-- and foreshadowing is not equivalent to plot development.

    KylieKylie21 ngày trước
  • I'm so glad that I live where I live, so I can go to good university and don't have pay thousands of dollars for it.

    アニメAnimeIsArtアニメAnimeIsArt21 ngày trước
  • The beauty community is full of fakery... And the people in the internet and their stupid cancel culture need to learn to not react emotionally to anything a stranger would say. Tati was ever only interested with her own personal gains. But James Charles was ready for every body

    KayshaKaysha21 ngày trước
  • I had never heard of any of these beauty gurus before the drama so I watched one video from each of em and then I watched the Tati deleted video then the jc 40 min video and I 100% believe jc. Have no affiliation but I believe Tati just blew a gasket over the vitamins and hatched a plan to end his career. It almost worked. I think jefree seized the opportunity to help en jc career because less competition. Jc is 19 and had all that proof to back up his story. I am now a jc fan and I hope Tati and jefree sizzle out as jc rises. Because I genuinely believe they took advantage of the unprecedented backlash from the public. They profited from their slander against an innocent boy. Two very bad ppl. #teamjamescharles

    aimee22094aimee2209421 ngày trước
  • Jokes on you Phil, my mom’s dead so I can’t disappoint her.

    Raya SauvéRaya Sauvé21 ngày trước
  • It's a goddamn circus. Guess it makes sense with the excessive makeup and all

    Victor AgataVictor Agata21 ngày trước
  • “You’re so vaaaaiiiin. they think the internet is about them, don’t they don’t they... they’re soooo vaaaaaiiinnnn... they make the internet’s all about them don’t they don’t theeeyyyy. 🖕🏻🎶

    Tiffany N TampaTiffany N Tampa21 ngày trước
  • Hated this season, what's the point of Big bad Night King, what's the point of Arya being Faceless if she doesn't use it, Euron's physics bending skills, Dany's character being turned like a switch, Cersei's death by bricks....These mistakes are countless, I can keep on listing them

    Takhil TrimanTakhil Triman21 ngày trước
  • Whiny babies complaining about endings of stories they don't own are something I could live without.

    Lady SugarquillLady Sugarquill22 ngày trước
  • James Charles destroys Tati Westbrook with facts and logic.

    The Doctor ProfessorThe Doctor Professor22 ngày trước
  • Honestly as a person who paid in full or their college as they went it would of sucked too see all these people get through for free when I paid

    Micah JonesMicah Jones22 ngày trước
  • I liked bc I don’t want my parents to txt me in the middle of the night Jesus fucking Christ

    Robin SongRobin Song22 ngày trước
  • I just had to do a second viewing of this episode...not for the content, but for the emotional abuse, so that I could share it with a friend.

    FunnyBunnyLogicFunnyBunnyLogic22 ngày trước
  • I have to say I have quite a few opinions on this. I can relate to James in so many ways, I am 22, I have a very good job, my own home and have to take on “adult” responsibilities for my family. When you are so “adult” people often expect all aspects of your personality to be “adult” too and so I have had multiple disagreements with people older then me about how I talk about sex, how I talk about sex with my parents and any time I show “immature” behaviour. I personally have responded to this by saying that I am 22 and deserve to behave like a 22 year old from time to time regardless of my professional and family situation. Watching Tati’s video I got the impression that a lot of the issues revolved around the fact that James acts like a 20 year despite living the lifestyle of someone much older. So I don’t necessarily think that is wrong. I also think he will learn from these things and grow as a person in terms of the sponsorships and how he presents himself to people he shares both a personal and professional life with. But Tati met James when he was 17/18 so that’s not a very long time to expect someone to grow out of certain things and act like an “adult”. She also put out some extremely serious allegations about Jame’s predatory behaviour. Of course a huge amount goes on behind the scenes that we will never see and I think if James is predatory something needs to change and certainly he should not be allowed to get away with it but I seriously can’t help but wonder, we’ve all seen the memes where straight guys say to lesbian women “one night with me and you’ll be straight” so would a straight VN-visionr receive the same backlash if they behaved the same way towards a gay person? I’m not so sure. I really used to support Tati but she talked a lot in her videos about having more business experience and so I can’t help but question her surprise, surely someone who is so business savvy would know that making such allegations would cause a huge backlash on James and could/probably would grow her business. I’m sure the truth will out about Jame’s behaviour towards men, but I’m leaning more towards Tati simply disapproving of James lifestyle choices and when she spoke to him about it he didn’t make any changes that added to her frustration with their relationship and the vitamin scandal was simply the straw that broke the camels back. Of course opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one and mine may turn out to be shit. We’ll have to wait and see.

    Grace SpaceGrace Space22 ngày trước
  • Tati deleted her first video but she stands by her videos?

    Jessica SmithJessica Smith22 ngày trước
  • I liked the visuals and the people involved did one hell of a job. But you cannot watch that season and not say "well that felt rushed." Too much happened and didn't in such a short period. Too many plot threads left open ended and so many moments were contradicted. I don't want to spoil anything. But there is a screen rant skit that completely goes over my problems with this season. It wasn't bad. But it wasn't the epic conclusion to the greatest show on television like people wanted. It was an ending. Not The Ending.

    BloodmightBloodmight22 ngày trước
  • HAHAHAHA! Those alligator tears!

    Travis GuyTravis Guy22 ngày trước
  • It seems to me (someone not into the beauty/cosmetics side of VN-vision) that James Charles was initially acting in good faith that he'd done something wrong to upset his friends and mentors. Maybe he read a situation differently than Tati did and he was ready to apologize for that. But then the hate and accusations kept coming, and from a lot of people who seemed ready to jump on the bandwagon of just bashing someone famous/popular. So it seemed like the mask was slipping, and James had no reason to be genuinely remorseful anymore. And he had the receipts to prove it. Maybe lasers got involved. Maybe some police calls were made. And maybe James realized that he had better defend himself instead of trying to mend bridges with people he believed to be friends. So we then get the toned down responses and seemingly sudden apologies. But that's just my take on it.

    KakeemDude4KakeemDude422 ngày trước
  • I’m not sweeping the JC thing under rug, but it is tiring to stay angry. I’m so tired of all the “controversies”. TIRED!

    Raven JaxsnerdymommyRaven Jaxsnerdymommy22 ngày trước
  • I didn't realize Philly D was a beauty drama channel

    Nick WatsonNick Watson22 ngày trước
  • Lmao James Charles be lying lmao 😂

    YoungBreezzy66YoungBreezzy6622 ngày trước
  • Adding to student debt, what about medical debt? I’m recovering from a bone marrow transplant and continuing cancer treatment. The bills are huge and constantly adding up, I wasn’t able to work for a YEAR and was not given social security disability money until 6 months! Not trying to down play student loan debt just broadening the discussion.

    Krystal PolancoKrystal Polanco22 ngày trước
  • Story on loser James Charles: 1.7 million views. Story on lead in drinking water across the nation: 300k views. Yup... people officially suck.

    aimsonaimson22 ngày trước
  • I can honestly say that James Charles probably was getting his lawyers in on this cause it's clearly slander and defamation. Not only that, I personally don't think there was any critical evidence to their claims, or any notable evidence at all. So the both of them shat themselves and begged for the drama to stop. And if they did, then CLEARLY just like James's video. He'll just pull up worse dirt than that, cause it seems like they said worse shit through DMs in general than he even has

    GhostlyGhostly22 ngày trước
  • About the whole drama queen drama...I'm immensely tired of hearing about it. But to be honest, the way they all seem to be sweeping it all away makes me think they're all guilty of abuse in some form. They may have just realized that by pointing the finger at each other, they were also pointing at themselves. And would like very much for it to go away a.s.a.p.

    SUP3R10RzombieSUP3R10Rzombie22 ngày trước
  • Jeffree star is just as bad if not worse

    Soviet SkeletonSoviet Skeleton22 ngày trước
  • Give people free stuff and they will expect free stuff. Enablement...

    THE FIKXTHE FIKX22 ngày trước
  • Holy crap guy why are you going on about such meaningless, superficial crap?

    barrywhite7771barrywhite777122 ngày trước
  • In other words James Charles joined the Illuminati to gain his clout back and they made the bad stuff go away!

    April RoseApril Rose22 ngày trước
  • I think the whole JC issue is pretty typical "Tabloid" style drama. I dont think most people were straight up lying, I also think most of what was said was exaggerated. The real story is probably something in the middle. JC probably made a few mistakes, crossed a few smaller lines, but rumors slowly made the story worse and worse until people like Jeffrey Star and Tatie heard about them. I also think this explains JCs initial reactions. He never said what he did or didnt do but did feel guilty because there probably was some smaller line crossing. Once everything came out and everyone could look at it all for what it was, they all more-or-less got on the same page. This stuff happens.

    Alan HerschAlan Hersch22 ngày trước
  • If I had known exactly what comes with taking out student loans I probably wouldn't have even gone to college. I went for four years and came out with two degrees and yet it has gotten me nowhere. I'm a CNA. I could have done that straight out of high school. My sister went to college and came out with multiple degrees as well. She is working two jobs and pulling multiple double shifts per week just to pay off her loans. She is suffering from horrible depression and has even said that on her way home from work she was thinking about how she could kill herself. Student loan debts are absolutely miserable and it's constantly held over our heads after we graduate. If I could pay off my sister's debt I would. I'd rather pay mine off for the rest of my life than to see my sister's life possibly end because of the pressure of that debt.

    Gina JGina J22 ngày trước
The James Charles Controversy Being Swept Under The Rug Is Strange and Troubling, GOT Finale, & More